Transforming millions of customer experiences across multiple channels

We’re helping Genesys, the global customer services solutions leader, to realise its vision for an unparalleled range of integrated, predictive, actionable tools that are revolutionising the market.

An industry shift

The customer services industry has been experiencing a seismic shift, as products migrate from premises to the cloud, and customers demand increasingly integrated means of contacting companies across multiple channels. Genesys approached us in the Autumn of 2012 to help them reimagine their suite of flagship products in the face of this challenge.


During our initial work with Genesys we could see that their applications were powerful, feature-rich and business-critical (orchestrating 100 million customer interactions every day), but we could also see an opportunity for a new generation of tools; better connected, and consolidated in a single task-orientated interface.

Stepping back from Genesys’s products, we conducted exhaustive research into how contact centres work. We interviewed users across many different roles and business segments, and ran workshops with product owners and stakeholders. Scenarios and workflows were developed, mapping six categories of common user tasks that could be unified under a single interface.


We looked at the history of queue theory and Danish mathematician Agner Krarup Erlang, whose telephone network formulae developed in the early 1900s still drive contact centres today. Erlang’s ‘C’ formula was used in data simulations that we built in which randomised calls with different intents are routed to virtual agents with corresponding skill sets, providing a test bed for ongoing R&D that allows us to process metrics and assess visualisations in realtime.


By building this intimate knowledge of the range of scenarios that influence user behaviour, and understanding the mechanics of the data that feed into key performance indicators, we were able to map out a clear future vision for Genesys, realised through a long-term product release cycle.

UX Guidelines

Initial design work involved identifying common cross-product modules that could be integrated through a comprehensive set of user experience guidelines, providing coherence and consistency moving forward. The guidelines established a robust user interface for all Genesys products, spanning primary navigation and toolbars, icons and typography, colour palettes, grids, widgets, calendars, messaging and alerts, tables, charts and graphs, input forms and button styles.

This core set of guides were supplemented with product-specific modules as the work progressed, such as a media player to cater for call recording and playback, and a timeline to handle the forecasting of call volumes and scheduling of agents.

Product releases

With a roadmap for future launches in place, we’ve been able to oversee a series of new Genesys products, each providing users with substantial improvements to usability and functionality, whilst bolstering the UX guides with additional features that benefit the entire product line.

This is a major step for Genesys, and Applied Works have been instrumental in defining the future vision, helping us with our long-term strategy, and re-imagining our flagship products for existing and new market segments.

Merijn te Booij, Executive VP, Product & Solution Strategy, Genesys

Products we have worked on span the breadth of contact centre activity, from interaction handling, call monitoring and sentiment analytics, to forecasting, scheduling, web analytics and campaign management.

Measured results

As well as the rollout of nine flagship products and counting, we’ve helped Genesys reach new markets and maintain their lead in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Contact Centre Infrastructure for the 8th year in a row.