Communicating complex trends within global resource trade

The Resources Futures report from Chatham House provides high-level, influential decision makers with detailed insights on global resource trends. We were attracted by the challenge of how to convey the report’s complex findings and highlight important issues on the resources agenda.

Clarifying the narrative

We worked closely with Chatham House to extract stories from within the data and develop simple visualisations that would quickly engage a powerful but time-poor audience. Designed around a central world map, the site displays visualisations that support eight pivotal themes running through the report’s executive summary.

Viewers are able to drill down into information about each resource, country and trade flow through extensive editorial context, helping to explain the stories in a level of detail that engaged international thought leaders in the debate on the resource economy and its impact on the environment.

The new political economy of resources is driven by the scale and speed of demand growth from emerging economies and a decade of tight commodity markets. Whether or not resources are running out, the outlook is one of supply disruptions, volatile prices, accelerated environmental degradation and rising political tensions over resource access.

Resources Futures report, 2012

Our collaboration in 2012 was the start of an ongoing relationship with Chatham House; we’ve since worked on projects about US politics, attitudes to Europe and an open data platform due for completion in 2017, The Future of Global Resources.

Resources Futures microsite