Vintage Retro Reclaimed

The ok corral was started by Steve and Joy Jolliffe and their daughter Holly, Isle of Wight friends of Applied Works partner Joe Sharpe. We rather like their stuff and wanted to share it with you, so we asked them to send us some words and pictures for the blog. Enjoy.

The ok corral began because we have a problem. Our problem is a lack of space. We just can’t resist poking about in other people’s stuff. Our little collection of favourite bits is now a big collection. The many odd plates and pots sadly no longer fit into the kitchen cupboards.

Ideas & Invention, Teapot

But there’s more great stuff still out there and it’s all irresistible but there’s no more room here. So, we decided to share with everyone else and this became the solution.

Plate, brooch

At the ok corral, Steve designed and now manages the website and generally keeps it in tip top condition. Holly takes considered photographs of humble objects and releases their inner beauty. Joy writes about our finds and gets the chance to wax lyrical and transmit her enthusiasm.

Books, pot

Now, we can all just keep on searching for those amazing things in a calm and guilt free way because they’re not for us any more, they’re for you.

The ok corral – born 25 May 2010 on the Isle of Wight.