Merry Christmas!

We’d like thank all our clients, suppliers, partners and friends for a really exciting year – Merry Christmas and best wishes for next year! Rob and Shaheena have been busy designing Christmas cards with our new screen printing kit.

There’s been lots of trial and error involved as we perfect the technique, but its been great fun getting our hands dirty for a change.

First up, the holly screen. This is us exposing the photo emulsion.

Rob washing the emulsion off the screen to reveal the first pattern.

Shaheena pointing out to Rob that it’s useful to have a large sink if you’re going to attempt screen printing. Hosepipe is effective plan B.

First screen clean and ready for printing.

Shaheena’s green ink, ready to go on…

..becomes lots of green holly.

For the second colour we’ve gone for a pattern of red Christmas presents. By this point, Rob’s refined the exposure of the photo emulsion a bit, resulting in a crisper edge on the print.

Rob pulling the second colour through the screen.

2 colours down. You might also spot the broken screen that Joe put his thumb through in the background.

Finally, some white Christmas trees go on as the third colour.

The final print pattern, compiled of the green holly, red presents and white trees.

Just some trimming and labelling left to do…

…before we end up with the finished Christmas card – all hand made, and all slightly different.