Bella Rock

Since sharing a house with me whilst at Brighton University, the wonderful Bella Rock has now settled, via the Royal College of Art and exhibitions in India, France and Greece, near Twyford, west London. Choosing a Portakabin in the middle of a field as the place to run her International Art Career, Bella seems very at home.

Pity your rivals

It’s this kind of space that Bella needs, enough room for her huge imagination and large scale paintings. Bella has no time for high brow musings or discussions, she simply loves to spend time making up stories and thinking about magical things that could happen. We then get to witness the results of those thoughts.

Hello birdy

It’s difficult to fully appreciate Bella’s work on screen, so may we recommend you walk your eyes to Deptford High Street at the end of June to see new work with her brother Casper. In the mean time, if you’re eager to see more of Bella’s work, head on over to her website and sign up to Colouring-In Club, where each month Bella sends out a drawing for you to print off and colour-in, in the comfort of your home.

‘Eye Pain’ opens at the Bearspace gallery on June 25th for 4 weeks.