A Grotesk love affair

Kane Davis is the latest in a long line of wonderful interns that have come through our doors – As part of what seems like a very short placement indeed, we asked Kane if he’d like to be one of our guest bloggers – he accepted, and so here it is…

I have recently graduated from University of Hertfordshire after studying graphic design for 3 years. I am currently involved with placements at a few design companies and am lucky enough to have been offered a job as creative coordinator at Karen Millen which I will start in a few weeks time.

When I started the final year of my graphic design course, I began to actively check around 5-6 blogs and websites as sources of inspiration to try and keep up with what’s going on in the industry. These include Behance, Yayeveryday, Creative Review, Itsnicethat and Formfiftyfive.

I discovered behance through a friend, and found that it has some really nice work which covers lots of bases including film, typography, packaging, web and editorial to name a few. Just the fact that one site covers so many strands is very interesting and I’ve also discovered that people have got freelance work from having their work on the website.

Every so often you will come across a personal project that is very simple but very effective. ‘A Grotesk love affair’ is a short but beautifully crafted publication focusing on the relationship between designers and typography. The work can be likened to the info-graphics work of Nicholas Feltron (a graphic designer who creates an annual report every year on various aspects of his life), but it’s still fresh and isn’t something out of the recycle bin.

Continual Corners Eraser
Designers: Ryan Atkinson, Stephan de Lange

It is a really striking and effective way of displaying the interesting facts and figures surrounding the subject. The simple colour scheme really gives it clarity and helps it to stand out in an already over saturated design industry. The fact that the pages work together as a PDF / publication but also as separate entities is a true testament to the simple unified design.

My favourite sans will have to be Helvetica. After realizing what a beautiful typeface it is in my second year, I am now in a position to appreciate its craft and use, when executed well. With this said it is not the only adaptable and beautiful typeface out there, and using it does not mean something is good design.